Build Your Personal Brain Health Plan

Build Your Personal Brain Health Plan

Build Your Personal Brain Health Plan

Build your personal brain health plan at

At Brain Health Scotland our mission is to inspire and empower you to protect your brain health and reduce your risk of diseases that lead to dementia.

We work with all ages, across the whole of Scotland, to provide all you need to protect your brain and to join the effort to understand more about this amazing part of who you are.


If we eat, exercise and sleep well we can help keep our brains healthy and fuelled with oxygen and nutrients. No matter our age, we need to stimulate our brains by being with people and learning new skills. And it is crucial we manage stress to stay as calm as possible at home and work.

We now understand a great deal more about what impacts our brain health than we did even ten years ago. For example, it is widely known that the diseases that lead to dementia start in midlife. 

The onset of these diseases is driven by many factors, some of which we cannot change, such as our family history and genetics, but many of which we can, 

such as our lifestyle. 

Take the quiz and build your own personal brain health plan today.

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