St. Enoch Centre partners with Tiny Changes

St. Enoch Centre partners with Tiny Changes

Tiny Changes is Scotland’s national young people’s mental health charity. Tiny Changes funds and supports ideas that help young minds feel better

The charity was set up in memory of artist and Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison. Through his music and art Scott made tiny changes that had a big impact on people from all walks of life.

Since 2020, Tiny Changes has invested just under half a million in over 60 innovative mental health projects, all of which were chosen by and for young people. 50% of the charity’s current projects are led by young people under 30 and combine activities such as music, sport, technology, outdoors or art with mental health conversations, therapy, research or other early intervention for groups of young people. Watch a short film about Tiny Changes here.


This March, Tiny Changes became St. Enoch Centre’s official charity partner for the year ahead. To continue delivering vital early intervention work to help young minds feel better across Scotland, this partnership invites staff, tenants and customers to take part in a range of fundraising activities, raise awareness about mental health issues, support initiatives that offer help, and provide a voice to young people themselves. 

We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health, but by comparison there is a lot less funding, research, understanding, education and support for short and long-term illness that affects our minds. St. Enoch and Tiny Changes are working together to try to change that – through fundraising and awareness raising. Lots of tiny changes can make a big impact and we’re full of hope that the future of young people’s mental health and related support is bright.

You can find the Tiny Changes pop-up shop in the Leith Collective at St. Enoch Centre, and keep an eye on social media and in St. Enoch Centre throughout the year for other exciting events and updates!


Need help?

If you or someone you know is having a difficult time, please know you are not alone and there are lots of people, like us, who would like you to feel better.  Click here for  some places where you will be able to find the help or support you might need. We’re sending love and hope that you can get the advice you need today.


Find out more about The Tiny Changes Fund here.

Together, we’ll make tiny changes to Earth.

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