Street Soccer Community Network Sessions

Street Soccer Community Network Sessions

Street Soccer Community Network Sessions

Monday 12th February to Wednesday 14th February, 11am to 3.30pm

Street Soccer helps people experiencing homelessness, isolation, long-term unemployment, and mental health and wellbeing issues through the power of football and personal development. We are open to all players, regardless of age, gender, and ability. Together, we make positive changes to lives across Scotland, and no player is left behind.

Street Soccer aim to make positive change through football. Sport is the hook through which we engage our players and start them on a process to turn their lives around. Through our network programmes – running across the whole of Scotland – players can develop their football skills, improving their physical health, as well as benefitting from routine and structure. Many of our staff have the same lived experience as our players, which contributes to the success of the project – coaches are in the unique position of being able to identify trauma and work with players in a way which puts them at the front of their journey.

Through helping thousands of people every year, Street Soccer has reduced homelessness, isolation, poverty, unemployment, and addiction. We have helped players break free of the criminal justice cycle, and mend familial relationships. Many of our players report that their communication skills have increased since joining the programme, as well as better mental health and wellbeing, and physical fitness.

Come chat to Street Soccer and learn more about the network sessions, taking place in every major city and most towns across Scotland. We’re constantly adding new areas to our map, so let us know where you want to play next. We have regular sessions running every single week, as well as sessions for additional support needs groups, youth groups, women’s-only teams, and more, and everything is free of charge. There are also plenty of opportunities to support our work through volunteering, partnerships, sponsored challenges, and donations, and we’d love to get you on board.

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